Terms and Conditions

Wolves and Ravens will do their absolute best to ensure your event entertainment is a success. Hiring a band for the first time can be daunting so we are here to answer your questions and help make things run smoothly.


Deposits and cancellations:

  • We require a 50% deposit on bookings to secure the date.

The deposit is refundable in case of cancellation up to 6 weeks before the event, and half refundable up to 20 days before the event. *This excludes any transport costs (e.g. ferry bookings), and accommodation costs where applicable that might have been paid for in advance.

**Note – New Years Eve booking deposits are non refundable.


Stage area:

  • The band requires an adequate area to be able to perform to the best of their ability.

For the standard 4 piece lineup the optimum stage area is 5m (across) X 4m (deep). For space restricted venues the band can squash in a bit tighter, with 4m X 3m being a minimum.


Stage conditions:

  • The band cannot play uncovered. This applies to daytime and nighttime.

There is a lot of electrical audio equipment set up and the direct sun or dew at night can damage this and present a safety hazard. Also the threat of rain is unacceptable as the gear takes a long time to relocate. For day gigs the musicians cannot be exposed to full sunlight, it also causes instruments to go out of tune.

  • The band doesn’t necessarily need a stage but it does need a solid surface to setup gear on (i.e. not grass).

It’s up to you whether you want to provide a stage or not. It has pros and cons – if the band is raised it’s easier for the crowd to see them, when at floor level there is perhaps a more intimate interaction with the audience.

  • If our mics are to be used for speeches (to be arranged in advance), we will move the mic to a suitable location or reserve a space on stage with good access and free of hazards (e.g. leads running across the walkway).

We are often asked to provide a microphone for speeches, which we are happy to do provided the speeches are in the same place as where the band is setup. If speeches are in a different location is could be possible for us to hire an additional PA for this purpose. Moving the band’s sound system is a big job, therefore usually unfeasible.


Band lineup:

  • Please be advised that individual band members may change. As functions like weddings are booked often a year in advance, and as the band plays very often, personal or other commitments may arise that mean we need to rotate members. Be assured that W&R work with NZ’s best musicians and singers, and the quality of the performance is assured.



  • Our sound system and instruments are to be operated by Wolves and Ravens personnel only.

We have high quality gear which can be damaged by incorrect operation. We also balance our sound carefully for the particular space before performing so any altering of settings can be detrimental to the sound.

Note – occasionally, if arranged in advance there can be a nominated person who switches the microphone on for speeches if we are offsite. In this case we set a channel up for this in advance and show the person how to operate it.


Venue access:

  • Wolves and Ravens need to be notified at the time of booking if access to the venue is difficult.

The  band uses high quality audio gear to ensure the best listener experience. Difficult venue access can add significant time to load in and out. Difficult access includes stairs and/or more than 10 metres to carry gear from vehicles. We need to make extra arrangements if access is difficult.


Setup time:

  • The band requires a minimum of 1.5 hours to setup, test and do a sound balance in the venue.

Longer windows of time are preferred but we can work with different situations. The preference is to have access to the venue earlier in the day so we can setup the stage, tune the system for optimum listener experience, and be all packed away and tidy before guests start arriving.

We’re aware that this isn’t always possible so we work with the client to find a solution for minimum disruption to the event.

* Early setup is not always possible for gigs out of Auckland.


Performance conditions:

  • We strictly do not allow people to come up and perform/sing with us unless it has been arranged in advance and sanctioned by the parties booking us.

This is for lots of reasons, including quality control and safety.

  • The band reserves the right to stop playing if the behavior towards them is not acceptable.

Out of town shows:

  • We are happy to play your event outside of the Auckland region

Travel and accommodation charges will be worked out at the time of quote.

We ask that band meals be supplied when travelling outside of the Auckland region. 

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